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Beloved, I welcome you with the love of the Lord to a new month, 'February 2020'

It is your month of 'Dominion', according to Judge 5 vs 13b, the scriptures assures you that ...The Lord will make you to have dominion over what is seemingly mightier than you in Jesus name.

►You shall break free from every limitations,

►You shall dominate what is dominating you or your space,

►Sin will not have dominion over you,

►You shall be upright in all that you do and

►You shall enjoys series of breakthroughs this month and beyond in Jesus name.

To dominate is to be in charge or to take control. If God did not want you to take charge, He would not have mandated you to dominate. In Exo 12vs 30-32, when God stepped into the horrific slavery situation of the Israelites, Pharaoh, who was once in control, became the one begging for help. He even asked Moses to pray for him.

I decree over your life that, an end has come to whatever is limiting or dominating your life in Jesus name.

God is turning things around and putting you in charge in Jesus’ Name.

It is now time for you to suppress your oppressors and tormentors, and to subdue under your feet those or what had earlier taken you captive. I command the tables to turn for your good today in Jesus’ Name!

Moreover, it is good to know that since God has once turned around the situation of the oppressed, He can do it again. Even if nobody has never had dominion before in your family, it will start with you in Jesus name.

Fear not! In Joshua 10:12-14, while fighting the Amorites, the sun was about to set when Joshua interrupted it. The problem is that most of us run from the enemy rather than confront the enemy. David did not run away from the lion, the bear or even Goliath. Rather, he confronted and fought against them all.

You too can tap into God’s mandate to dominate situations and circumstances around you from today. You will dominate sin, your passions, your body and your finances from today in Jesus’ Name.

Go ahead and give God praise for all the breakthroughs and testimonies in store for you this month in Jesus name.

Remain Blessed and Rapturable


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